Create Animations with Canva – New Feature!

Create animations with Canva

I like to share news of cool stuff when I hear it, so today I’m letting you know about Canva’s new feature: you can now animate your images. Sweet!

If you’ve never used Canva before, it’s an image design tool that is easy to use. It’s a big hit among entrepreneurs because images can make a big difference in getting your content noticed and shared. Canva allows you to make striking and pretty designs for your blog posts, social media, lead magnets – almost anything.

If you have a Canva For Work account (that’s the pro account), you can now animate your designs to make them even more eye-catching! This means you can create GIFs (very short movies that repeat on a loop) and share these moving images where they are supported:

  • ​On your blog posts or website
  • On Twitter (a great place to send out GIFs)
  • On Tumblr.

Facebook supports GIFs but you first need to upload them to a site like Giphy, generate a link and you can then add the link to a Facebook post (it won’t be animated in your preview but when you publish it, it will animate).​

You can also upload short movies to Instagram and they will run on a loop so they behave a lot like GIFs. When you create your animation in Canva, you can opt to download it as an MP4 movie and this will work on Insta.

Cool huh? Here’s a little tutorial from Canva about this brand new feature.

(I’m not affiliated with Canva in any way, I just love the platform and thought you might too.)


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