August 21, 2015

Copy Editing & Proofreading

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The Wellness Editor and VA, Gemma King

What is Copy Editing?

Copy editing is text editing. When I edit your text, I ensure that the following aspects are correct, of high quality and blindingly shiny:

  • grammar
  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • consistency of spelling and/or style
  • sentence structure (for clarity and impact)
  • casing, font and format (upper/lower case, consistent and appropriate font, sensible application of italics/underlining/bold)
  • fact integrity (often involving research)
  • style adherence (if you have a house style guide, I will align your copy with the style specifications. If you don’t, I will make my own style decisions and ensure that all style choices are internally consistent.)
  • general readability.

What is Structural Editing?

Structural or substantive editing is a natural component of the editorial process, not a separate service. When I edit your text, along with the copy edit I will also look at the entire body of work to ensure:

  • overall cohesion
  • logical flow of ideas
  • intuitive flow (ie if it’s linear, such as a narrative or report, is it presented in a way that is easy to read and understand? If it’s modular, such as a website, do all components relate in a way that your audience ‘gets’?)
  • appropriate and effective voice for your target audience.

Structural editing often involves moving sections of text around, rewriting portions of content, or liaising with you if content seems missing, inadequate or out of place.

Need an editor? Get a quote for copy editing here.

What is Proofreading?

Proofreading is casting a final eye over a near-finished product. Once your website, resume, manuscript, article, recipe or love letter has been edited and formatted, I will take a look at your final draft to ensure:

  • no overlooked errors in the content
  • layout is perfect
  • line spacing is appropriate
  • sentences and words are not broken in strange places
  • the design does not interfere with readability
  • the design is appropriate for your message/intention
  • functionality is trouble-free (for interactive materials such as websites)
  • overall product is perfect.

I can proofread your completed materials or I can include proofreading as part of my editorial service.

Do you have some previously edited content that needs a final once-over before you send it out to the world? Get a quote for proofreading here.

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