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Virtual Assistance, Content Management & Copy Editing for holistic health entrepreneurs
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Copy Editing & Proofreading for Wellness Entrepreneurs

You know the value of your holistic health content. You want it to be professional, have authority and command respect. Let's make your grammar, spelling, sentence structure, logic, flow and voice immaculate. Let's ensure that your style is consistent. Let's make sure your healthy message is coming through. Excellent content can propel your success to the heights you desire and deserve.

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Virtual Assistance & Content Management for Wellness Entrepreneurs

Remember when you started out in your business, excited for the freedom lifestyle and creative control you'd have every day? In reality, running a business is HARD FREAKING WORK and you just wish you could hand over some of the tasks that are getting in your way to a VA who understands you. Or you'd love some skilled support for your content and communications on an ongoing basis. Step inside lovely, you're here!

How Healthy is your Content?

It’s time to enlist the support you need to grow your wellness business.
Because you have a healthy message to share.
And the world needs your light.

When you started out in business, things were much simpler. You had something to offer the world – a service, a talent, a product, a wild idea – and you backed yourself. You planted that seed, watched it sprout, then you had the courage to help it take root.

Now your little business seedling is flourishing, and with its healthy growth comes more work. More admin, more responsibility, more demands on your time.

Sometimes you feel like you are drowning in STUFF! Stuff you didn’t sign up for. Stuff that gets in the way of your calling, your passion. You feel like you are wilting under the weight.

Take heart. You are not doing it wrong. You ARE meant for this. Things are exactly as they should be. You have reached the place that is the envy of many entrepreneurs:

It’s time to hire an assistant.

Hey there! I’m Gemma. I specialise in supporting women entrepreneurs in the holistic health, wellness and spirituality space to flourish and bust through business barriers. I do this with my unique combination of Virtual Assistance, Content Management and Copy Editing.

I’m your secret weapon for rising up out of the STUFF so that you can get your message out there, reach more of your target audience, skyrocket your profits and live the freedom life you dream of.

Remember the early days – the visions you had of a four-hour work week, lazy laptop sessions by the pool, an audience of raving fans and a sense of satisfaction that your work truly makes a difference?

What’s the reality? A backlog of admin, software intimidation, technology confusion, endless spreadsheets, a lack of systems and processes, a catastrophic collection of disorganised files, discarded content calendars (or no content at all), social media misery, a feeling of being stuck every time you try to do the tiniest task and a big old dose of overwhelm?

I can help. Let’s talk. Contact me to arrange a virtual chat.

Learn more about my Virtual Assistance for health and wellness businesses.

Learn about Copy Editing for your holistic health business.

Learn why I specialise in holistic health, wellness and spirituality in My Story.

  • Naturopaths, nutritionists, dieticians, Chinese medicine practitioners, massage therapists, complementary medicine professionals

  • Health coaches, B2B health business coaches, yoga instructors, meditation instructors, mindset coaches, pregnancy & birth educators, spiritual teachers

  • Health bloggers, health journalists, health-specific content agencies, health publications, healthy websites, mum bloggers

  • Web-based health stores, wellness hubs, e-course educators, B2B business services for health businesses, healthy lifestyle advocates, mumpreneurs, spirit junkies


Gemma King

Virtual Assistant. Content Manager. Copy Editor. Zen Cultivator. Dog lover.

Support Team

Business Administration Assistance. Inbox Monitoring. Moral Support.

Cooper Muppet-King

Personal Assistant. Life coach. Lap Warmer. Cuddle Seeker. Spirit Animal.

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