December 4, 2018

Testimonials and Praise

Rebecca Mar Young
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Since Gemma King joined our team I have felt an enormous sense of support and calm and know we would be lost without her. Her skills are many and varied. I am particularly thrilled with her attention to detail when it comes to editing. Not only does she work efficiently but she also betters our work and I feel completely confident that the finished product will be of a superior standard. Gemma has integrity and solidity that can be so hard to find in business. We can completely rely on her to complete tasks and follow up loose ends. She displays awesome organisational skills, an ability to take on tasks and complete them with minimal direction and all this from her virtual office. She’s a super motivated individual and frankly, I couldn’t recommend Gemma more highly. If we could keep her forever – we would!
Pam Durant
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I’ve been working with the wonderful Gemma King for a while now and my business seriously could not be where it is today without her. Her support and tweaking of everything I do has been priceless as is her expertise that enlightens me often. Her support on the new site to give me and my content an identity was just one example of many. I think the only “downside” is that we are not in the same city so we cannot go for a celebratory dinner together!
Amanda Meggison
Amanda Meggison, Founder of Tarian Pantry
Gemma, sometimes people cross our paths at a time in which we need it the most. The recommendation to work with you was one that I will be forever thankful for. You immediately understood my predicament and identified the issues that needed attention and those that will be part of the next instalment. I just feel so much more confident in my message – it really is a positive one. I now believe in it more and that goes a long way. Since implementing the changes on the site and the ‘tone’ I have attracted 30 more followers on Instagram and generated a couple of food coaching clients – if I keep on this path, the momentum will build along with the sales. You seemed to get me and my business and encouraged me to just keep going – I needed that. I cannot thank you enough for your professional but relaxed manner, an absolute pleasure working with you. You have certainly gone above and beyond what I expected and I am so pleased.
Marnie Marmet
Marnie Marmet The Wellness Editor
Thank you! You did a great job. You took my feedback and addressed what was needed. You delivered everything and more on what you set out to. You were timely, friendly and extremely helpful. You really got my mind working and my creative juices started to flow once we spoke. I also could nail down better what I was thinking. I’ve had lots of great feedback on my site.
Corrie Buchanan
Corrie Buchanan The Wellness Editor client
Gemma was incredible, professional but more importantly in an instant she understood my business, what I stood for, what I was trying to achieve and my audience. Without her help, insight and wisdom I would have been truly stuck. She is more than just a content writer, more like a consultant with a big heart! Thank you Gemma!
Geraldine Phua
Gemma was a pleasure to work with and I appreciate how quickly she understood the requirements of the project. Her communication was clear throughout the project and I was never left guessing what was the next step. Love her structured approach and high command of the English language. I even received a lovely surprise – an editing style guide! Highly recommended and look forward to working with her again.
Becky Andrews
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I just wanted to say a BIG THANKYOU for your help in 2017. Your assistance has driven my business forward and systematised aspects that were begging to be organised, yet in which I was de-prioritizing.

You've been very responsive and flexible. Thanks for your dedication, method and professional manner. Thanks again for being part of the Cloud Gate team.
Rachael Walden
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You really understand what I am trying to convey and write it all so perfectly! Thanks Gemma!
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