Your About Page – Nail It For Your Health And Wellness Website

Your About Page Nail It For Your Health And Wellness Website

So you’ve got a website for your health and wellness business. Good start, friend – your online space is a primary part of your business arsenal and is crucial to your visibility. So how’s your About page looking?

Your About page (sometimes called About Us or About Me) is the number one most important aspect of your business website (in conjunction with your Contact page). Forget your homepage, your design, logo and blog posts – if your About page isn’t up to scratch, your site isn’t nearly as effective as it could be.

Fact: Your About page is the first place your ideal client will go to decide whether you’re a good fit for them.

Talk about the outcome

The top priority in your About page should be telling your audience what’s in it for them. Think about the core promise you offer to your clients, and put it clearly and succinctly in your About page content. Address their main pain points and make it crystal clear how your business has the solution.

You see, once upon a time, marketing was a features-based activity. Advertising in times past often meant listing all the fab features of your product or service, such as “1000 watts of power” or “five action-packed workouts” or “I am a qualified health coach”.

At some point, savvy marketers realised that they were missing a step: it’s not always obvious to the target audience how a product’s features can benefit the customer. And with the explosive proliferation of advertising, not only were people less likely to bother trying to figure it out, but there was a tendency to tune out the relentless promotional messages for the simple reason that to not do so would send one insane.

Modern marketing makes that leap on behalf of consumers so that they don’t have to think too hard, and that’s what you need to do on your About page. Start with what you offer, but go a step further and translate it into a positive outcome for your customer. So:

  • “The Blendy blender boasts 1000 watts of power” becomes “Effortlessly blitz green veggies and fruit for instant smoothies that will nourish you from head to toe and restore your healthy glow.”
  • “This DVD contains five action-packed workouts” becomes “A DIY home fitness program that will detonate calories, burn off fat stores and elevate your body confidence in 30 days.”
  • “I am a qualified health coach” becomes “My mission is to identify what’s holding you back from optimum health, and guide you to the wellness transformation you deserve.”

Be yourself

Make your content sound more like a human than a brand. People connect with the face behind the business. Tell your story (you can save part of it for a separate “My Story or “About Me” page if you prefer, but do allude to why you do what you do) and use your natural voice as much as possible. Your tribe wants to connect with your unique personality, so capitalise on their curiosity.

It’s vital to tell your readers your name, and if possible, include one or more photos of your face. Whereas companies once marketed as faceless entities, there has been a massive shift toward leveraging the humans behind the brand (social media has played a large role in this change) to promote more intimate connections with potential customers. Showing the person behind the brand is especially important when you’re a small business or soloist. Attract your tribe in the same way you’d attract friends in “the real world”.

Write in first person

Writing in first person means using “I” and “me” rather than removing yourself from the equation by using “he” or “she”. When you make it clear that you’re sending your message out personally, you instantly remove the detachment that comes from having your About content appear to be written by someone else (even if you’ve hired a copywriter to create your content!).

If there is more than one of you on staff, use “we” and “us”. This is a cool way to show that even though you’ve got a team of a few or several, you’re all united under the same business approach and your client will have a consistent experience when dealing with your brand, no matter who they’re speaking to.

Using third person creates a subtle impression of distance and unavailability – it sends the message that when an interested client wants to get in touch, they may be speaking with your assistant or a staff member before they speak to you. This can be ok if you’re a biggish company or organisation and your tone of voice is intentionally formal, but when you want to create a relaxed and approachable vibe, using first person is a good way to establish that connection.

Using third person is again a throwback to an earlier era where branding trends led companies to try to elevate themselves above their target market in order to establish an aura of mystique, eliteness and superiority. They thought that to be well-respected, their copy should be formal and detached. Times have changed!

First person also allows effortless access to your heart and soul. It’s difficult, and even a little inauthentic, to write about your true heart-led passion while pretending to be a third party who’s magically tapping into your innermost self from afar.


  • “Maxine launched Sexy Healthy You after feeling frustrated with the lack of effective home fitness programs” becomes “I launched Sexy Healthy you after…”
  • “Sofia’s approach to life coaching” becomes “My approach to life coaching.”
  • “Ezmerelda’s qualifications include naturopathy, kinesiology and nutrition” becomes “I am a qualified naturopath, kinesiologist and nutritionist.”

Hire a professional

A professional copy editor with an understanding of your industry and niche can be invaluable if you’re struggling with your About page. If this is you, I’d love to help you! Contact me to discover how I can help you smash through this obstacle so that you can move onward and upward in your biz.

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