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Copy editing, content writing & SEO for holistic health businesses
Copy Editing

You know the value of your holistic health content. You want it to be professional, have authority and command respect. Let's make your grammar, spelling, sentence structure, logic, flow and voice immaculate. Let's ensure that your style is consistent. Let's make sure your healthy message is coming through. Excellent content is the basis of becoming an industry thought leader.


You've produced some top-notch content for your holistic health business and it's ready for design or publication. Proofreading is that final reassurance that your hard work is good to go. Let's make sure there are no last-minute issues, the formatting and layout are impeccable and the functionality is sound. Can be included with editing or a standalone service.

Content Writing

If you need fresh new content for your blog, website, eBook, eCourse, newsletter, promotional brochure or press release, you're in the right place. Or we can look at content upcycling – there's a goldmine in your old blog posts, eBooks, newsletters and drafts. Let me repurpose what you've got into something new and fresh. Some restitching, basic SEO attention and a bit of love will make it new again.


You know the importance of Search Engine Optimisation to drive traffic to your website. But you don't need super technical SEO voodoo or costly analysis. Let's use popular, well-known, tried and tested techniques to bump up your page rankings and draw your dream clients to your online space. I offer in-page SEO for existing web content or I can include SEO with content writing and editing services.


Why do you need my unique textual healing for your health and wellness content?
Because you have a healthy message to share.
And I believe in it too.

Like your mum did to your sweet little cheeks, I’ll take your content (or the gap where your content should be), spit on a tissue and rub off the grime ‘till it shines. Then, rather unlike your mum, I’ll rip its head off and give it a new face.

I specialise in creating, massaging, sexifying and sparkletasticking content for holistic wellness businesses. When you hire me, you don’t just hire a wordsmith. You’re investing in your business. You’re on the path to nailing your voice and establishing authority in your niche. Through content, you’ll attract your tribe and become the go-to person in your field.

You’ve got a website, an eBook, an eCourse, a newsletter or a wild idea – and you’ve got some content (or you need some created), but words aren’t your field of expertise. You want your tribe to admire and respect you. You want to command authority. Because you’re savvy as hell, you know that your content reflects your professionalism – it’s key to your success. You could do it all yourself if only you had the time and a bit of guidance. Relax – I got your back.

There is an art to textual healing. It’s not just about spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and all the nerdy things that make editors thrum with excitement and cause others to get stabby. It’s about understanding your business, your goals, your personal values. Because I know your field, I understand your unique needs. I get your target audience (because I am your target audience!) and I take the time to really get familiar with your brand.

Hi, I’m Gemma.

It’s my mission to work with healthy businesses to make their words shine so that authentic, life-changing information can get noticed and change our world for the better. The truth – your unique, vital truth – needs to be out there in people’s eyes, minds and hearts – big, bold and unapologetic.

Words are powerful. Your content makes your brand succeed… or not. You want to rise to the top of your game, become a thought leader, inspire and thrive.

I can help you. Helping you is the reason I am The Wellness Editor.

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  • Holistic Health Practitioners

    Naturopaths, nutritionists, dieticians, Chinese medicine practitioners, massage therapists, complementary medicine professionals

  • Coaches

    Health coaches, life coaches, B2B health business coaches, yoga instructors, meditation instructors, mindset coaches, pregnancy & birth educators

  • Writers & Bloggers

    Health bloggers, health journalists, health-specific content agencies, health publications, healthy websites, mum bloggers

  • Online Entrepreneurs

    Web-based health food stores, sellers of ethical health products, e-course educators, B2B business services for health businesses, healthy lifestyle advocates, mumpreneurs


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